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Whether aging out of a transition program or graduating from high school, social interactions with peers of similar age, interests, and life experiences can be greatly diminished outside of the school system. Our program provides a safe and secure environment for our clients to maintain and further develop these social relationships, expanding their network of support. Every aspect of Focus Forward is centered around social interactions including group activities, learning how to express oneself in a healthy manner toward others, participating in talent shows, expression through drama, and art. Social skills are essential to achieve self actualization and our staff work tirelessly to shine a light on each client’s abilities.

Another important aspect of socialization involves communication. Each client’s communication skills varies in level and our team works to not only meet them where they are at, but to provide them with the tools and practice to further develop and grow these skills as an individual and with their peers. Communication is practiced in several various real life opportunities such as group reading sessions, writing practice, safe interactions with community members at grocery stores and while on group trips, practicing how to set boundaries and advocating for oneself.


Ways we encourage socialization and communication include:

  • Arts and crafts

  • Communication days

  • Board games and puzzles

  • Group viewing of movies

  • Weekly group walks to area park (weather permitting)

  • Group celebrations of milestones like birthdays

  • Trips into the community with peers

  • Lessons on healthy relationships

**Our staff work with each client on areas where they may need extra attention, when applicable according to their support plan, in order to build their range of skills**

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