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Access to the community is one of the greatest obstacles our clients can face due to socioeconomic restrictions, lack of access to transportation, and limited time. Our staff provide supervision to not only ensure a safe excursion into the community but to places many have never experienced before. Furthermore, weekly trips are offered to local sites, such as grocery stores and nearby parks, to give as much access to the community as possible. 


Examples of opportunities offered are:

  • Transportation skills

  • Navigating the community

  • Appropriate behaviors in public

  • Respectful ways to interact with business owners

  • Weekly walks to neighborhood parks 

  • Weekly trips to the grocery store

  • Monthly fun trips into the community

Due to the program not having private transportation *yet,* trips are limited, but we do our absolute best to utilize the vehicles available to us so our clients can get the most out of this program. 

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